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Noelle Parenteau, Ph.D.

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Spiritual Counselor

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People who are genuine, willing and ready to step forward to being more of their authentic self, curious about their 'inner wisdom' and what it has to reveal, open-minded/open hearted, responsible for self healing and empowerment, ready to delve deeper to recieve their personal/loving Soul-directed Divine Guidance from the Source of Higher Wisdom...

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Hello there! Over the years I have been gifted the opportunities to be like a Shaman, journeying through the 'veil' into the spirit world beyond, to guide souls home, making their journey across the threshold, complete. 
 I’ve also had the pleasure to work as a 'Medium', to rescue 'Lost Souls'. Many of these souls have been abruptly severed from their physical bodies due to sudden death from war, fires, accidents, etc, and therefore confused and in need of some guidance to find their way home. The majority of these lost souls are willing to go through the 'light - window', but some need a little coaxing, so I have to get creative, especially if there is a language barrier. This work also includes releasing some spirits that are 'earth-bound', and reeking havoc or just being mischievous, in people's homes. I find this frequently due to their 'unfinished business' or 'attachment' to people, places or things. My specialty and passion is Spiritual Counseling/Mediumship, which I've come to describe as 'My SoulSpeaks'. I can only express profound gratitude for the gifts of healing that I've witnessed as a result, for myself as well as others. The beauty of this is that this message “delivery service” is not influenced by space or time...'E-mail' allows for direct correspondence and the relay of Spiritual Counseling that's required in order to gain focus and establish a specific 'question'. Then the Divine guidance 'downloads' and I transcribe the precise message that's revealed to me, and send it off in an e-mail for simple and quick delivery to you! I never judge these or change them in anyway, as they are unequivocally, for you, in your time of need. I'm able to address all concerns. Some of these channeled messages come from loved ones who have crossed over and want to express their thoughts from a greater perspective and higher wisdom. I can also communicate to your loved one that remains here, incapacitated, for whatever reason, or convey a healing message from your higher wisdom or guide for your greatest good.These personal messages are not limited in anyway. They are enormously insightful, highly beneficial, deeply healing, and most often, life changing. When you are feeling stuck, stymied, bogged-down, or at a cross-road of some sort, please do check out my website - - then contact me in order to recieve clarity through a deeper understanding of your specific and sometimes perplexing situation. These 'gifts of guidance' are always given in the Light of Un-Conditional Love! Blessings, Noelle

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