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Veronica O Nelson

Stellar Health, LLC
Alternative Health

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Tampa, FL 33680
United States

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I am looking for people who are facing health challenges and want to: ~ take responsibility for improving their health ~ make a positive difference in their lives ~ feel a bit better ~ help others do, be and feel better

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I was raised during a time when things were a lot slower, integrity, character and a person's word meant something and, basically, those times are very different than they are right now. It's not to say that bad or malicious things did not happen back then, it's just that it took longer for the general public to find out about those them, but now because the technology and communication mediums has brought our communities and world closer together. Now we, almost instantly, see what's happening in our own community and around the world! Oops, I am supposed to be telling you about me ..... Ok, so here goes: I have lived in the very tropical southern region of the U.S. all of my life, went to public schools, worked and raised my family here. About 9 years ago, my job ended suddenly but did not think it was the end of the world ... after all, I figured I would get another job. But the events a few weeks later would have a huge impact on my life, my world, and as it turns out has never been the same. Mom had been diagnosed with a series of complicated conditions which required almost immediate intervention and treatment. Once the necessary procedures and treatments were completed, they left Mom in a very weaken physical state. This turn of events mandated that she, in her delicate condition, be cared for so I be stepped in, which turned out to be a 24 hour caregiver role. Since those events, I have been on a quest over the past two years to find a nutritional supplement that would help my (then) 92 year old Mother be and feel better. I have scoured the internet, spoken to lots of people and found a number of products which we've tried, but disappointment loomed. The results of this search has ultimately led me to a product, that has over 65 years of getting successful results, fondly known as "The Whole Body Tonic" (also known as The JC Tonic) which has shown remarkable personal results, ranging from relief of minor skin irritations, improved mental clarity, toothache pain relief to increased energy for both of us. Don't just take my word for it, so I invite you to take a look at the unsolicited testimonials by people who have used this produce and received excellent benefits .... read all about it for yourself by going to:

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