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Coach Dean Golden

NewStart Resource Network
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D Golden Eagle is presenting Trustee Coach, Dean Golden, Overseer and his successors a Corp Sole for NewStart Resource Network in the anointing of a sovereign/priest and prophet according to the order or mantle of the Melchizedek Royal Priesthood. He believes in the Trinity as one Godhead; the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. That Jesus Christ is the Father's only begotten Son and in His Death, Barrel and Retraction. We as believers in His Son are adopted children of God and He calls us His friend. As far as religion if one were to put a name on it would have to be: Robert's Rules of Order, as that is the form of ceremony for daily activity of a Trustee. As worshiping God is more of a relationship than any man made religion. Coach Dean says that he sees himself as being about his Father's business in being unconditional love, joy, peace, long-suffering and forbearance for all in the community. At present, he is attaining the Word Of God International University in Los Angeles California and working on the development of the ministry known as; NewStart Resource Network, a Business & Community Development Network as the Overseer. As well as working with Global Exchange Club (GEM) Society of Home Mortgage Reform Program as President of the Gideon Exchange Club2 (GXC2). This is where he is known as a Trustee Coach. Teaching trusteeship vs. ownership, ownership is a liability and trusteeship is a responsibility for managing assets. As well as developing his Trustee Coaching ministry of teaching other coaches around the distentions of the Ontology of Biblical Counseling and just what it is to "Let go and let God". As one is experiencing a personal transformation from their old ways of being in the world; that of being in the flesh, natural, carnal, and self-centered, separated from God to one that is resting in Christ Jesus and yielded to the Holy Spirit and being transformed into being like-minded with Christ Jesus; behold all things become new. As we live, move and have our being in Him. That manifests itself as being empowered to be a bold leader and living a powerful life in integrity. Being the one who listens for and reliably delivers that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about; and in the process, leaves them transformed with more power, freedom, peace of mind. and being the expressed image of the Father. Around them, as they are letting go of their old ways, the Holy Spirit brings correction and the will of God the Father is being fully expressed through them, things that historically have never moved are now moving. They are now experiencing being a remarkable contribution being someone who leaves others empowered, enabled, and present to the Father's glorification within them. Being unconstrained in delivering unto Jesus,"when you do unto the less of these you are doing unto me" what promises that they calmed from the throne of the Father and what matters to Him. Experiencing a future of extraordinary accomplishment. Being someone who He is working through that makes things happen that weren’t going to happen anyway. Bold leadership, being powerful and unstoppable in the face of no agreement. Representing the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost as their Trustee. Being someone who powerfully and effectively makes this available to others as a Trustee Coach Coach Dean Golden has been on a search for God's true (Church) Ecclesia the “called out ones” free from IRS and Government control. All he could find are State and IRS 501(c)3 Non-profit Churches. No wonder we are no longer the united States of America. We have turned our backs on God. Can anyone help in finding the last remaining true believers who have not taken on man’s IRS as their head of their church? If we as a body of Jesus Christ do not REPENT and return back to Messiah Jesus Christ as the only sovereign head of the body of His Church we as a free nation will fall! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have sent us His Comforter the Holy Spirit to heal The Bride before the return of the Messiah Jesus Christ . God has heard our prayer for Revival and is answering it NOW all over the Globe wherever there are believers giving God praise and worship. The Pulpit is not recognizing God as the sovereign head of the body of Jesus Christ's ecclesia, the called out ones, the Church. They have replaced Him with the IRS as the sovereign head of the body of the Church. YahúWah says, “Let my people Go!" You can read more about the GEM Home Program at; the Word of God International University at while you are researching take a look at and learn more about his activities in learning about being a Social Entrepreneur. Google Robert's Rules of Order to learn more about it. Please refer new clients to:

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