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LCFHC is Chinese-based evolving digital Bill of Payment platform to be combined with a consumer/merchant portal. It is seeking to secure a membership user base of 100m duly verified active users before September 15th, 2017. LCFHC is offering free $1,380 wallet account for new enrollments and using network marketing model to expand faster as they promise to pay $100 for every one person attracted into the virtual community. And you stand to earn between $26,000 to $110,000 when you build a sizeable userbase to help secure their main objective. More income stream to be announced when the platform starts operations.

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LCFHC is a 3-in-1 package. It is a hybrid combination of cryptocurrency, eCommerce and multi-level marketing. LCFHC is partnering with 60,000 online/offline merchants that will sell over 600,000 goods and services which can be purchased with Phoenix Coin Joining LCFHC is free of charge from now till June 30, 2017, which also comes with a registration bonus of $1,380 and another $100 for each member you recruit. I think that sounds unbelievable, but see it as signing a contract with your mobile operator, where you get your phone and SIM for free, but with the condition that you will stay with the network for a minimum of 2 years and recharge a minimum of a certain amount. LCFHC & the Chinese Government are brilliant; they know with a strategy like this, they will be able to signup millions of members worldwide, with China as the hub who can buy and sell their goods and services using Phoenix Coin as the medium of exchange. This strategy will create millions of job for the Chinese population, create abundant wealth, reduce unemployment and crime rate. The business is about cryptocurrency trading and other related issues only. It is Chinese currency powered by Rothschild. It is a way of using MLM method to acquire large userbase of Feng Huang coins. It is NEITHER A PONZI SCHEME NOR A FUNDRAISING SCHEME ( Chinese Government and Rothschild have money in abundance which they are even giving us to use to buy the coins. RC & CG are capable of giving us all the compensation monies as so offered by them. Let us not forget that their target is to raise 100 millions user base of FENG HUANG BI. So we don't need to be afraid of failure of payment because we are many to be paid. We are all gonna be paid irrespective of our numbers, leaders inclusive. They have the capacities to issue quantities of coins at will as directed by WADCC and their company's policies. We should not forget that at the paid membership/corporate launching, corporate and government organisations will also buy these coins and this include partners of Rothschild and Chinese government. It is such a revolutionary digital business with all the benefits to enjoy. It is 50-50 mutual business.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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