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A super-connecter, Adam Boettiger is a recognized expert in the field of digital marketing. With twelve years of online marketing experience spanning agency-side and client-side positions, Boettiger has helped small businesses and large brands realize their full potential online. "As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Adam was instrumental in helping me formulate the strategy and direction of the newly-created CRM area of Virgin Atlantic. In kindly and generously sharing his expertise, we formulated a plan that was the foundation for activities that are still in place today. Throughout the process, he was extremely responsive, helpful and contributed significantly." - Joy DeBach, Manager, Customer Relationship Marketing, Virgin Atlantic Airways Background Adam Boettiger is a twelve-year veteran of digital marketing, advertising, sales and business development with a proven track record of successfully helping small, medium and large enterprises. A US Army Military Veteran, Boettiger has had prior careers in Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. From 1994 to 1995, Boettiger served as a strategic advisor, instructing businesses how to reach customers through America Online and CompuServe. In 1996, the first commercial advertising campaign appeared online for AT&T and Zima. It was during this same year that Boettiger created the I-Advertising Discussion List, a 12,000-member professional forum where individuals from around the globe exchanged information and shared resources in the nascent industry of interactive advertising. Considered one of the Top 100 most influential people in the digital marketing sector, Boettiger has worked for several interactive and traditional advertising agencies, as well as a direct mail and database-marketing firm. He is a highly sought-after, experienced business consultant who has helped companies as large as Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic Airways and as small as Cape Cod Bed & Breakfasts in a variety of capacities related to business development, marketing, customer relationship management, advertising and sales. About Call or email for a free phone consult Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I might be able to do for you. This site is designed to be a quick read to give you a taste of my background, my experience and how we might work together. It is designed to get you to pick up the phone or send me an email to schedule a discovery session in which you'll be able to tell me more about your business before we start working together. It would be presumptuous of me to try to explain to you here how I can help you without first learning more about your business. Background My name is Adam Boettiger and I've been helping businesses reach customers online since 1994. The first ad campaign ran on the web around 1996 for AT&T and Zima. Even before that I was working as a Marketing Consultant advising businesses how to reach customers on AOL and CompuServe, then the two major online services prior to the web's emergence as a commercial medium circa 1995. I've helped companies large and small, from Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic Airways all the way down to companies the size of a mom and pop Bed and Breakfast on the shores of Cape Cod who wanted to use the web to drive reservations and tell the nation of their existence. Of the thousands of businesses that I have helped over the years, all had two things in common: They each had a problem or challenge (many had more than just one) and they each ultimately recognized that I was the one person who could help them solve their problem. "We brought Adam in as a strategic expert to develop and execute the online pre- launch for Microsoft Office 2003. Not only did he successfully achieve the goal of targeting 11 different B2B vertical target markets, but his suggestions tripled conversion on the signup pages for Microsoft's webinars. In the media buying portion of the campaign, he took a budget of $200K and aggressively negotiated it into $1,000,000 worth of advertising - all within a 30-day time period. His work far exceeded our expectations and we would work with him again anytime." - Dana Cohen, Marketing Programs Director - Jack Morton Worldwide (Microsoft's marcom agency) My background is a unique one. Prior to my entry into marketing in 1994, I'd already had careers in law enforcement for the US Army and in Emergency Medical Services saving lives as an EMT on an ambulance crew. I always say that the two prepared me well to deal with the stress and challenges presented by marketing startups and bootstrapping companies. They also prepared me for the fast-paced world of online marketing and gave me a fairly direct personality that most of my clients have appreciated, one that I'm told is very atypical among marketing folks: I tell it like it is. Over the course of my 13 years experience in the interactive marketing sector, I've done many things. Here are just a few: - Founded and moderated the industry's largest professional community specific to internet advertising, "I-Advertising", and grew membership to over 12,000 individuals in 90 countries - Lead instructor, AdWeek's How to Buy and Sell Web Advertising workshop - Keynote Speaker, Internet World - Featured Speaker at industry conferences in India, Austria, Sweden, Spain, NY and LA. - Client-side Director of Marketing managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets across online and offline media sectors - Client-side Internet Marketing Manager - Client-side VP Business Development - Agency-side Direct Marketing - Agency-side Strategic Marketing - Agency side Account Supervisor position for a 175-person integrated advertising agency, interactive lead on a $30 million account - And many other roles through consulting opportunities Why I Want to Help You I have a passion for helping others and I enjoy working with startups and businesses where I can apply my years of experience and leverage my industry relationships on behalf of you, my client. "Generous. That is the first word that comes to mind. In a day and age where everyone is the 'expert', Adam is the expert with a heart of gold. Initially, as his client, his generosity made me quite skeptical. I just didn't understand it in this 'dog-eat-dog' world we live in that there would be someone who had no ulterior motives, but who was genuinely interested in helping me and my business. As our relationship evolved and molded itself, it became blaring clear that Adam really does care. He is the expert wearing many different hats simultaneously, giving perspectives from every angle, but his ultimate goal is to simply build up your ammunition of information so that you are armed and ready to create the results you seek. Adam is the knowledgeable helpdesk person behind the counter with the incredible customer service ability we so desperately hope for every time we get on the phone!" - Raj Neogy, President - DVD Spotlight "I've owned and sold several multi-million dollar businesses over the years. Forget the buzzwords. Forget those who pretend they know what they're doing. Adam knows the industry so well that the University of Oregon brought him in to teach internet marketing to MBA students. I have over twenty-five years of experience in business and direct marketing, and I consider him to be one of maybe five people in the world I would go to for advice and learn something every time. He 'gets it', where so many others do not." - Jaffer Ali, President & CEO - PennMedia and VidSense How I Can Help You Over the years I've helped businesses in three primary capacities: 1. Strategist 2. Producer 3. Tactician Strategist As a strategist I've: - Developed marketing plans - Developed affiliate programs and performance-based advertising campaigns - Developed search marketing strategies - Developed advertising sales strategies - Solved problems related to online marketing, business and ad sales - Advised clients, providing guidance and direction - Helped clients establish measurable goals - Clearly defined success - Developed budgets and funding requests - Acted as a Client Advocate - Advised clients on ways to improve ad sales and site revenue - Provided mission-critical advice in an easy-to-understand manner Made C-level and VP-level introductions to expand the client's network Producer As a producer, I've: - Conducted agency reviews and helped clients select the perfect agency - Researched and selected vendors to meet client needs - Engaged and managed onshore and offshore vendors - Acted as Project Manager for small, medium and large projects - Managed vendors to implement Pay-Per-Click campaigns - Managed vendors in the execution of Search Engine Optimization - Worked as an 'Acting Director of Marketing' on a part-time basis - Acted as an Air Traffic Controller, bringing together the elements of success for my clients - Helped improve advertising sales by building a sales team Tactician As a tactician, I've: - Walked the talk and done what I teach - Conducted and managed Pay-Per-Click campaigns - Provided affiliate marketing strategy and consultation - New affiliate programs creation and launch - Day-to-day management of the affiliate program including manual approvals - Recruiting of super affiliates - Existing affiliate program takeover and growth - Conducted Search Engine Optimization - Negotiated and purchased media - Developed advertisements - Sold online advertising - Trafficked online campaigns - Driven traffic and sales - Improved conversion on client web sites - Created and conducted email marketing campaigns - Created and managed email newsletters - Implemented web analytics - Evaluated Cost Per Visitor, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Sale and other important web analytics - Optimized landing pages and signup processes to boost conversion - Developed web sites - Managed site development projects that involved teams of designers - Much, much more Investment "What does it cost to work with you?" is a fair question once clients see the value in having an industry expert on their team rather than the competition's team. I'll try to give an equally fair answer: In general I have two types of clients: Project-Based and Monthly-Retainer. Project-Based clients tend to have a finite need that can be clearly identified, with a start, a completion and a deliverable. I've had Project-Based clients engage me for as little as $500 and as much as $150,000. If this is you and you'd like a bid, call or email me to outline your needs. Retainer-Based clients tend to have a laundry list of things they know need to be done (and many they don't know), no time to handle them in-house or have needs that are not easily defined. In many instances part of my initial role is to actually help the client identify and define specific needs, build in measurable goals and structure a realistic budget that will help them attain those goals. I've had Retainer-Based clients engage me for as little as $500/month for something like email or phone-based consulting and as much as $20,000/month for very intensive work. Thank You Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. It's important to me that clients be a good fit for me in addition to my being a good fit for my clients. If when we speak I feel that I'm not the best person to help you with what you need, I'll tell you. I'll also do my best to refer you to someone who can help.

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