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Warren Goodenow

Chimorel Services Inc
Management Consulting

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Columbus, OH 43085
United States

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We help individuals & organizations solve problems & achieve goals, one life or organization at a time. What is your need, problem or goal?

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My life’s mission is to help people solve problems and achieve goals, one life at a time through a simple goal setting process implemented through Chimorel Services Inc. Chimorel is a nonprofit I started in 1972. We have a website filled with over 2000 dynamic strategies designed to enable individuals, small businesses and nonprofits to enhance lives, build business, fund projects and share our Sources of strength. Now let me tell you my WHY. At age 8, a coal truck hit me. They say I flew off my bike and landed fifty feet up the road on my head. In the hospital my anesthetic was ½ an aspirin tablet. I talked to the doctors about that buzz in my right foot, during the operation. Apparently, the truck kept coming and ran over my foot. I had to learn to walk and talk all over again. I wasn’t supposed to survive, but I did and I am grateful. I came to believe God has a purpose for my life. I want you to believe God has a purpose for your life, as well. Fast forward now to 1969. I am working with delinquent kids in an institution and they keep coming back. I think I really inspire these kids. They make commitments to change their lives, but they keep coming back. It becomes obvious that the problems are in the communities these kids live in, not in the institutions. Solutions have to be found with their parents, their schools, in the work place. By 1972 Chimorel was a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. I was planning programs, writing grants, developing over 2000 diamonds, gems and gold nugget strategies to change the world and individual lives. And... I was learning that wonderful ideas must be funded with real money. I got grants, became a stock broker and business consultant, taught college and helped hundreds of people get jobs. Today I bill my time at $150/hr and down as a consultant helping people. Too often I gave my time away, hoping to help someone who might pay me later. Lot’s of stories to tell. A few are on the website. (See Success Stories on our website.) Although we have a fairly modest income, Mrs Beautiful and I are comfortable. We travel periodically. Most of our “things” are paid for, but there are still bills to pay. We are both retired and no longer have to do what the “boss” tells us (although I rarely did anyhow). Last year I spent a lot of volunteer time helping others and money is a little tight temporarily. Residual income from our eBay store Chimorel4U is developing. I consider the “wealth” I can pass on to my children’s children and (with your help) to others of immense value. Together we can share high standards, a work ethic, integrity, and a servant leader’s sense of purpose. As a part of Chimorel, I reach out to thousands of people around the world. Today, I help many solve problems and achieve goals. As we expand our efforts, it will take real money and the help of hundreds of people like you. Now it is time to fund the projects: office and warehouse space, apartments for transitional housing, job training and recycling centers, and much more. I intend for Chimorel to be there helping thousands of people when I’m gone. This is my Why. I can’t do it alone. Will you join me in this vision? Tell me your WHY (in as great detail as you have time and willingness to share). We will get to know each other. Soon we may tackle a Special Project or two. We may help you earn more. I’ll ask you to become a Chimorel member. We can explore affiliate and JV possibilities. There will be many ways to work together. All this soon. Right now let’s just get to know each other. I believe that the foundation of all growth is the building of solid relationships. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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