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George Padgett

Church of the Seven African Powers
African Initiations

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PO BOX 453336
Miami, FL 33245-3336
United States

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People who are looking for solutions to spiritual and material problems by working with the Orishas, Vodou and Congo spirits and other African traditional magical systems.

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Practicing spiritualist and shaman for almost 50 years. Priest of the Old Religion (Craft of the Wise) for 35 years. Priest of Orishas (Regla de Ocha) and Padre Nganga for 26 years. Priest of the Oracle of Ifa and Orumila (Traditional Yoruba Divination) for 20 years. Servant of Ginen for many years. Have dedicated life to helping others by working with the spiritual traditions of African for 30 years. Have been able to help people by removing negative spiritual influences and empowering them with initiations and workings of the African Traditional Religions to restore health , remove enemies, resolve financial problems, resolve family problems. Also provide legitimate initiations into these African traditional systems for those that are called to serve humanity by working with these powerful spiritual forces and the spiritual training necessary to work with these mysteries and help mankind. A divination with the Oracle of Ifa is done at the beginning to determine if I would be able to help clients working with these systems. Also the divination determines if certain requests are in the person's best interest and should be performed, so as not to waste time or energy. No spiritual work can be performed without a divination with the Oracle of Ifa to determine correctness of request and also the necessary magical workings and/or initiations that need to be performed in order to achieve goals.

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