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Ka Sundance

loving life llc.
Management Consulting

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-Health interested, spiritual minded Mom and DadPreneurs wanting to create more freedom with their business. -Are ready to change -Open for advice -Wiling to go deep -Ready to invest time, money and energy to reach their goals

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Dear Mom & Dad-Preneur Or Freedom Seeker, “You’re About to Discover the Essential Secrets for a Thriving Online Business That Helps You Share Your Message And Makes Money While You Play with Your Kids or Hang Out At the Beach” If you want to help more people with your heart-felt business, choose from where and when to work and live a lifestyle of freedom – “the Loving Life-Style”, then keep reading… If you found your way to this site, you probably thought having your own business means working less and spending more time with your kids, or being able to travel while taking your business with you. The problem is, you have to much work to do, you feel overwhelmed and hear you self saying ” just ten more minutes” or you children complaining, that you are at the computer all the time. The holiday or the world travels you planned never happen, because you are busy working all day long. Or maybe you have an existing business, that allows you to live your passion, but forces you to be there all the time. And you simply forgot how to be in love with your life . You can take a deep breath now It is possible! You can have ALL. The heartfelt business that reaches 1000 of people with you message, helping you to make money to be the parent you want to be or / and finally travel to all the places you want while taking the business with you. What would it be like if you : - spend less time at the computer and play more with you kids instead - had more FREE time to take care of yourself and your dreams while your business grew - made more money to support your dreams and family - figured out how to leverage sharing your knowledge and message - knew how to get support in order to free yourself from tasks that aren’t serving yourself and steal time to spend with your kids - could take you business anywhere in the world and truly create the life you want - allow yourself to be the best you, to serve the world, yourself and your family Hi,my name is Ka Sundance and I am here to help YOU, create your ” Loving Life-style” business, that allows you to do exactly that! I live in beautiful Costa Rica with my beautiful wife and our 4 children. I get to work from home, spend quality time with my family and go to the ocean surfing whenever I feel like it. I believe, that I’m not different from you. I believe, that everybody has the possibility to create exactly the lifestyle they want to have, weather it is living in a penthouse in New York , travelling around the world in a boat, or spending as much time as possible with their kids at the beach (f.e. Costa Rica). I call it the Loving Life-style. What I mean by this is, that you are the designer, the artist of your on life, if you know it or not. It all starts with a *Free* LovingLife Discovery Session, where you tell me about your callenges and of course your dreams. After I got a feeling for you and your desires I’ll tell you about my coaching possibilities and we’ll see if we are a good fit. I’m excited to work with you and help you create your ” Loving Life”-Style Business, so you can spend much more time with your children and live your life exactly as you want it. So, now you are invited to a *Free* LovingLife Discovery Session. Click here to book your slot. And I can’t wait to connect with you, Love and sunshine, Ka Sundance

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