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Linda Ambrose

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Vancouver, BC V5Y1W3

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I help people go for what they want in life and business so that they can live lives they love. I am looking for clients who are open to change and growth in both their personal and business lives.

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When my clients win at the game they are playing I win too. I am constantly inspired by the courage and commitment of the human spirit to winning the game of life. Linda Ambrose is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Success and Leadership training coach. Her 15 years of coaching and training experience, as well as her successful entrepreneurial career as a certified financial planner (all the while single parenting three children), have given her the ability to understand what it takes to have a successful business and a richly balanced life. In 2007 she decided to expand her horizons by taking on a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Change. As an aside, during this two-year degree she developed cancer and underwent major surgery and radiation. However, not being the kind of person who lets obstacles get in the way she successfully completed her degree on schedule and burned the pink pajamas that had been her wardrobe for many months. Approximately 150 friends and family joined her for this momentous occasion. Overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes are just some of her key values. She has a passion for marginalized persons. Her master’s thesis focused on the integration of persons with mental illness into supported housing in Vancouver, B.C. During the process, she confronted many of her own biases and inaccurate perceptions. Her expertise is in assisting entrepreneurs structure their lives in ways that have their businesses serve their lives, rather than running them. She is strongly committed to family and friends and having her children live successful happy lives was the driving force that had her achieve what she wouldn’t have believed possible for herself. When she asks herself WHY she does anything – the answer is always to be in service of others and add value to their lives. She left the Financial Services industry in 2004 to establish Success Planning. Recently she has joined the ranks of X5 Results and X5 Management and is excited about exploring new opportunities and possibilities inside of this new partnership. She believes strongly that possibility, creativity and opportunity thrive in community and this new partnership is part of expanding hers in order to serve her clients better. She teases her clients that she loves coaching entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals who find they are working for a lunatic – themselves. All kidding aside, and taking the lunacy out of the scenario, what she does is help people win the game of creating lives of purpose and fulfillment. She helps them identify their fears, challenges and more importantly overlooked possibilities and opportunities so that they realize and are living out their incredible potential in the here and now. A life in motion has direction, momentum, energy and purpose is another of her mottos. You can trust that working with Linda means you have someone on your team who is 100% committed to your success – someone to help you stay focused and motivated based on what’s important to you. Last year at the age of 61 she trained for and completed the 260 km Ride to Conquer Cancer from Vancouver to Seattle, personally raising over $9500 for the BC Cancer Foundation – terrified most of the way. The joke within her team is that Linda is much faster riding uphill than downhill. The following quote kept her moving forward and one she is reminding herself of as she trains for this year’s ride. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon. Testimonials Kim Miller, Principal, Western Executive Selection “Linda is full of positive energy. She is realistic but undaunted by challenges, big and small. Herwide variety of experience gives her a range of perspectives from which to consider issues.” Sara Bynoe “Linda has an energy that radiates down the block. Her passion and enthusiasm for life iscontagious. Working with Linda on career coaching was a very worthwhile experience. If you’reever stuck, Linda is a wonderful hand to help you out of the muck.” Clint Hall, Student, Royal Roads University “Linda will pour her heart into whatever project she is working on. Put the time into Linda, and she will return it tenfold!”

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