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Leda Rasmussen

Online marketing

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People who like to start a homebased business and learn how to work in online marketing.

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Every person wants to be successful and every one of us is looking for a best way to improve our lives. A wrong strategy is the main reason that’s blocking our way to success—this is what we all believe. I was a single mum and wanted to spend more time with my daughter so I decided to make a living from online opportunities. I wanted to improve our lives and create financial freedom for me and my family. I was struggling at first, afraid that I was making a wrong move. But after the time of struggling, I would say that I was on my way to success. I feel the happiness of being free financially. I work whenever I like, I have much more time for my family while earning the same amount of money like when I was working for my boss. Although we all know it’s quite hard and bumpy at first but when you get into it, you will feel the pleasure of working from online opportunities. Having a winning strategy and sticking into it is the key I’ve learned in joining the high yielding programs from over 13 years of earning online. Here are some strategies I’ve used which has 3 simple aims: To end up at an ideal balance of high production programs. To minimize my risk in each program. To maximize the profit I have in each program. An ideal balance of programs Spread your funds into three different programs from low to high risk programs. Spreading your funds can lower the risk and can get back your funds from time to time. It’s a good idea so you minimize the risk of losing your funds. Minimizing the risk Once you choose the right program to invest, now decide how much money you are going to put into. It’s advisable to put an inexpensive amount like $100 - $300 when starting the program. Knowing that the money you funded is at risk, you can minimize it by making withdrawals whenever you can. Once you have a matured income in your account, check it out right away. It removes the risk of losing your money. Maximizing the profit Re-investing is what I mean here. You can re-invest a % in your total profit and withdraw the rest. It is a good opportunity to maximize the profit you funded in a certain program to make a bigger profit the next time it matures. It is a very good strategy that you have plenty of capital to spread around. This is very true and there are many people find their success using this strategy. Many people are into “easy-to-get rich” program and use to compound their earnings over and over until it gets bigger and then complain when it fails and lose everything you have. And then repeat the same step and lose it again. You are gambling big-time that usually ends in disaster. This high risk area can be avoided if you have a good sense of timing and will. You can make the most of our income through low and medium risk program like CrowdRising and Flipping4Profit rather than gambling in the high risk programs. Treat these programs as your Money Generators and not INVESTMENT Programs, withdraw while you can and re-invest some – you’re on the way to success. These types of programs can give you a steady income that can be sustainable over the years. To become profesional you need a marketing tool, that will help you look like the ultimate top prof marketer out there. I run several websites which I use to promote the programs I participate in. This is the tool I use and it's the easiest to use even for beginners and gets you top results: There are many programs in the internet that offers the same that I feature above. You can also consider the following type of programs: HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program) is an investment opportunity that promises a higher income in return. You can have your success here if you can utilize the strategy I share with you so you can regain your funded amount and do not let greediness stay with you. Don’t even gamble. MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is a marketing strategy where your money is generated through the sales you have and to the sales of the person you recruit (downline). This type of program can give you a multiple levels of compensation. Be a very good recruiter and you can have your success here.

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