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Ray Horn

Vyper Logix Corp.
Strategic Consulting

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San Francisco, CA 94104
United States

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I'm seeking clients that are looking for help with their software development projects. See more at

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I can get the work done for those who engage me to do so... Most of the time the challenges I face in the hiring process comes from those who have preconceived ideas as to how software gets built however everything I know how to do comes from my own rather extensive experience and it is my experience that has allowed me to pick-up whatever languages I might wish to use for whatever OS I might wish to use regardless of my past experience. I have an extensive background in applied Mathematics with heavy emphasis on Algorithmic Design that I am able to do entirely in my own head whenever I get the chance to do so. This can be clearly seen by those who have the experience when considering how easily I was able to to simplify the Math involved in by-passing Haversines for dynamic realtime geolocation for mapping applications. With more than 2+ decades of heavy professional programming experience (1974 - 2012) I feel I can confidently say, without boasting, I [probably] have far more experience in all aspects of software development than every other peer I have ever worked with or for. This is what has allowed me to recently conclude a very short-term [120 hours billable] project for Cisco with a 3 week delivery window for an Android device I had never worked with before other than some cursory knowledge and several hunches that have paid-off and I was able to build the core of the requirements within the first 30 hours followed by adding some bells and whistles that were nice-to-have features; if I can do this for Cisco based on a handshake I can surely do this for anyone else... Lastly, as you can see from a detailed study of my Resume, I enjoy going above and beyond the call of duty (for AmazingFacts.Org and Cisco) whenever I am engaged in a manner that makes me feel I have fostered some confidence in those who engage me; for AmazingFacts.Org who gave me 5 bugs to fix and for whom I built a brand new replacement product based on a fully functional prototype during the initial 30 hours followed by building them one completed product on 2 very different platforms [Windows and Mac] in 2 languages [English and Spanish] in less than 4 months and then again for Cisco that wanted a rather simple Android App using only 120 hours for whom I have spent more than 200+ hours adding more features than what they originally wanted... Allow me to do into some additional detail about the Cisco Development Experience... I recently and successfully completed a short term assignment at Cisco for their Innovation Group when I was tasked to produce a Multimedia Demo for a new Android device known as the Kindle Fire; the Multimedia Demo was designed to play Multimedia Presentations described by an XML file capable of displaying Images (.PNG/.JPG) with Sound (.MP3) and Video (.MP4/.H264) with user Interactions capable of allowing a user to direct the Presentation Flow. I also build the means for Interactively Editing Multimedia Presentations via the Desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux) or Android (Kindle Fire or other Tablet or Phone). I was rewarded with a small bonus and the entire job was completed in a bit less than 200 hours. Let's just say I feel like doing my best for those who can read my Resume while showing me how much confidence they can have in my unique skills. I love the work I am doing, unlike most of my peers who dont' seem to share my unique passion for software engineering, and I look for opportunities to use my programming skill whenever possible.

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